Please read our Frequently Asked Questions.

What comes with the FREE Download?

You receive a tagged, lower quality mp3 to use for non profit only. Purchase a lease for higher quality beats without tags. Any beat publicly released without a lease will be removed.

What are leased beats?

When you lease a beat you are given certain rights to make profit with the beats. Check out the different “beat lease info” page for more info.

What if I stream/sell more than my lease allows?

If you go over your terms in your lease than you can upgrade your license with a discount. Email me at contact for upgrades.

How does the Buy 1 Beats, Get 1 FREE work?

For every beat you purchase, you get 1 free. For every beat you purchase, you get 1 free. Add 2 of the same “type of leases” to your cart and the free one will automatically be discounted at checkout.  This excludes exclusive ownership and Beats with Hooks by Lydia.

What file formats do you offer?

MP3 (320kbps) | WAV (24 bit) | WAV Stems (24 bit).

How much are exclusive beats?

They range from $400 – $850. You can make an offer on any beat by adding to cart and choosing “make an offer” option. Once purchased it will be instantly removed from the site and exclusively yours.

Are Vocal Tags removed once I purchase the beat?

Yes. All tags will be removed except for one in the intro which will be lower in volume. If you would like that removed than email me (WAV leases or higher).

What are Track Stems for the $99.95 lease?

That means you will receive the individual tracks (WAVs) from the beat. You can use them to get a professional mix for your song.