Are your life to its fullest potential?  Are you holding yourself back?  If your answer is yes, than maybe your not motivated enough to achieve your dreams.  Many of us think that all we need is an idea and to be passionate about the idea.  Yes that is true, but you have to take it a step further.  You have to actually make actions towards those ideas and passions.  An idea is nothing if you don’t follow through with it.  The best way to follow through with your ideas is to find something that motivates you.  It could be your family, friends, material item, social status, and many more.  Study says when you have an extra motivation or a certain drive you will most likely achieve your goals.  So my suggestion for you today is to find something that motivates you and really focus on that and see the results.

Ask yourself WHY.

So often I find myself doing things without even questioning why.  Sometimes it’s not necessary – we all need to have moments in which we let go, stop thinking, and just live in the now. But when it comes to things like work, or larger steps you take in your life, ask yourself why. What is the end goal you’re hoping to achieve? What is the real reason behind your actions? Reminding yourself of a larger goal, and the steps you’re taking towards that goal, can help renew your drive and reinvigorate your spirit.

One thing at a time.

Sometimes the end goal is so far in the future, the steps to get there feel like a never-ending staircase. Tackle one thing at a time. Assign daily goals for yourself, and if you can scratch one thing off your list each day, you’ll make progress faster than you think. I often find myself putting things off because they feel so overwhelming – procrastination is probably one of my worst traits.  I’ll end up trying to do a million things at once, at the last minute. I’m also slowly learning to realize that sometimes it’s ok to put something aside, move on to a new project, and then come back to it. Things suddenly become clear when you look at them with fresh eyes.

Change it up.

A change in scenery can do wonders. On days when I’m struggling with getting motivated I seek out a new coffee shop to make my workplace for the day. Being in a different environment can trigger new senses – new sounds, sights, smells – and somehow this helps to reinvigorate my mind. If you can’t physically relocate yourself, try stimulating your senses with different music than you’d normally listen to, or light a candle or dab some essential oil on your wrist.